Energy Work Positively Impacts Lyme Disease
Energy Work Positively Impacts Lyme Disease - #5 of my "Lyme Disease Bites - A Personal Journey" Blog Series As the Lyme bacteria died and flooded my system I felt increasingly worse. As I mentioned in one of my earlier Lyme blog posts, Herxheimer Reaction (Lyme die-off) can be fatal. There were days when I felt like I was the one dying, not the bacteria. On other days I wished I would die because I felt so shitty. Mornings were the worst, getting out of bed was a huge effort, but I got up anyway. Even if I felt like crap warmed up, I could at least say I was vertical. My motto is: “One step ahead of my buddy Riga – Rigor Mortis”. One step ahead, is all I need to be so he can’t reach out and grab my shoulder! I have also always opted for energy work and natural remedies over traditional medicine and in the case of Lyme; natural remedies in conjunction with antibiotics were very effective for me. It is important to note that the recommended dose of [...]