‘Should’ Is Messy and Draws Flies
For years I have had repetitive ‘poop’ dreams. In these dreams somewhere there is poop, a large or small amount. It might be me using the bathroom or someone or something else has. Maybe the toilet is overflowing. Maybe there is poop I’ve stepped in or am trying to avoid stepping in. Poop might be on the floor, the walls, the furniture, or on clothes. It could be human or animal excrement. It doesn’t matter. You get the picture. Anyway, for all this time I thought that these repetitive ‘shit’ dreams foretold something bad was going to happen and I always looked for it for the days following. Today while sharing the most recent of these dreams I realized that it wasn’t about poop at all. The poop was a metaphor for what I have been doing to myself for ions. These dreams were showing me how I ‘should’ on myself. How I should have done this or that – adding at the end the phrase “by this point in my life”. Or, how I should do this or that [...]