Lyme Herxheimer Reaction the Beacth from Hell
During a Herxheimer Reaction symptoms are exacerbated and inflammation increases making the Lyme patient often feel much worse than before they began treatment. A bad Herx reaction is often much worse than the disease itself, and if not handled properly a Herxheimer Reaction can be fatal. When we last left off, I had not yet received the diagnosis. “You tested positive for Lyme. You have four out of five markers. I am really surprised because here in Kentucky, Lyme isn’t prevalent.” My doctor was on the other end of the line giving me the results of the Lyme test I took a week earlier. Whoa! I wasn’t expecting that. It was October 13th and I began taking the prescribed standard dose of Doxycycline that day. I watched documentaries and read all the research I could find; as I did my fears grew exponentially. Many folks become disabled and even die from this!! I know a beautiful soul in Texas who went from being a vibrant 30 something year-old to [...]