Lyme Disease Bites – A Personal Journey #2
Lyme wrecked havoc with my body and mind. My body was riddled with shooting pains and inflammation. I stopped exercising and walking the dog down my private country lane because I was afraid my knees would give out. I stopped practicing yoga because it was too difficult to get up off the mat. Mornings were absolute hell. I could barely get out of bed and when I stood up, I felt like I was being stabbed repeatedly in the middle of my back behind my heart. It would lessen after walking around a bit, but there was always a chronic annoying pain like a toothache. Fatigue consumed me and I needed several naps throughout the day. The rash on my sternum and breasts was dry and extremely itchy. Severe and unpredictable diarrhea made me dread traveling fifty minutes to town for groceries. I never knew when the cramps would start and I would need a bathroom ASAP. I can’t say I had a fever or flu-like symptoms; but my body [...]