How Dis-Allowing Blocks Your Ability to Receive and How to Fix It
What happens when you try to manifest something you desire? Law of Attraction tells us that any of us can manifest anything we want in a few easy steps. When we get an idea of wanting it here are the steps most of us have learned to take: • We ask for it – we may write our desires down in our journal or just state them out loud. I like to write them out with a deadline for receiving what I’ve asked for. “Dear God/Creator/Universe (we use whatever name we personally like) please bring “X” (the thing you desire) or better into my life by (insert date).” The thing, “X” could be a nice new car, a mate, a lover, a job, a new employee, someone to fix something around your house, it doesn’t matter what it is the process is the same. • We visualize having it. • We feel what it would be like to have it. • Then, we are patient and wait for the Universe to provide it. (Patience and waiting…that’s where I fail miserably) But, what causes our [...]