Shamanism & Me
As you know I teach a program called "Inca Shamanism & Energy Medicine Apprenticeship", but not many of you know how I started studying this 50,000 year old tradition. Here's my story... It was 2010 and I had been teaching Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Medicine and other energy work since 1995 (15 years). I also had a nice private practice seeing clients. Over the years I had heard about Shamanism, but something scared me about it - because people had told me that in Shamanic work "you go deep" - that really scared me. I didn't know what I might encounter within myself so I never looked into it. You see I didn't like myself very much back then and thought there was something very wrong with me. The worst part is that I was afraid someone would find out and call me a fraud!! Many of us feel this, and during the first class I learned that we all have similar feelings, called 'negative core beliefs' (a.k.a. baggage). It is in the South class we [...]