Becoming Friends with Your Fears
Becoming Friends with Your Fears What I am going to say here might surprise you. Fear really is your friend. I know it doesn’t feel that way especially when you are stressed out with your hair on fire in a full blown anxiety attack, but it really is your friend. Think about it, it is fear alerts you to threats, as well as potential missteps. Fear is not our friend when we need make clear choices and it overwhelms us preventing us from doing so. Back in 2000, I was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids. My doctor wanted to remove them surgically but knew I was an alternative health practitioner and therefore gave me just two months to heal them. I didn’t have much time, so the very first thing I did was sit the fear down and for a come to Jesus meeting. “Fear” I said, "thank you, I appreciate you for showing me this, for bringing me to the diagnosis. I've got it now. You can go. I appreciate you, I really do, but you need to go now. Thank you again!" Once, I [...]