Re-Write your Destiny!
Take an inventory of your life right now. Do you have what you really, really want? Are you happy with all the various areas of life - relationships, health, work, play, finances, and home? What you see right now in your life is the manifestation of your past, as well as your ongoing, thoughts and feelings. In order to create what you desire, it is imperative that you SEE IT, FEEL IT, KNOW IT, as though you already had it. The brain does not know the difference between something actually happening and our remembrance of the event. The exact same cocktail of hormones flow in our bodies whether we are experiencing an actual event or simply remembering or retelling it. For example, if a person was abused and they tell their story over and over again, the same stress hormones course through their body that ran through during the actual event. Repeating the same old painful stories over and over again actually causes us more harm. In retelling the bad and sad [...]