Alone During the Holidays
[After posting this on Facebook and getting some interesting responses to this post, I must preface it by saying to have gratitude no matter what is going on our lives is the point of this essay. It is not about being judgmental of the church or the congregation. It is not about soliciting sympathy from my readers. With all that said, here goes…] Last night I attended a Christmas concert at a local country church. The chorus sang beautifully however, during the concert and chili dinner I sat by myself. As I ate my meal, not one person spoke with me, probably because I was the newcomer, a stranger in town so to speak. In the time spent there my being single, being alone, was magnified 1000x. It was glaringly blinding there right in my face, being there brought up that I am alone and single at 55. Why does the age part matter, I wonder? Maybe, because in my mind most people my age are coupled; even though I have had partners in the past, whom I left by [...]