“17 Lessons Learned from a Broken Heart”
On the eve of my 55th birthday I was feeling a little sorry for myself because I had just gotten divorced after five years of marriage. I honestly did not expect to be at this crossroads at this time in my life. As I wrote in my journal before bed, I asked God what to do and God replied, “WRITE and SHARE what you write”. The answer surprised me, but then God always surprises me. Most of what I have written over the years I have kept to myself, hidden from the world. My first thought was “Whoa. Seriously, God? Share with the world what I have written about this? Really, are you serious? Can I do that? Can I be that transparent and vulnerable?” The answer was, “Yes”. During the 90 or so days between deciding to get divorced and the divorce decree being signed by the judge, I learned some really powerful lessons. Before you begin reading this, please know that I am imperfectly human; therefore, I must admit that I have not yet fully mastered these [...]