Inca Shamanism
During the summer of 2010 my friend took a class from a shaman. She was so blown away by her experience she hounded me daily until I broke down and registered. I went with a bit of an attitude as I had already been well schooled in a number of healing modalities. What could I learn from this class that I didn't already know? Wow. Was I ever surprised. I was not at all prepared for the personal growth I would experience. I learned so much during the this Inca Shamanism program (nearly a year) that I have begun teaching the program. Students are just as wowed as I was...it's simply the most amazing work I have experienced. Let me share just a few of the highlights of the program. We begin in Class #1, and every 2-3 months start a new class. In the first class I released "what I didn't know, I didn't know". All that past garbage, all the negative beliefs that I held about myself that were sabotaging me everyday of my life, that I was completely unaware of. [...]