Trauma to Transformation
Healing Unspeakable Trauma and Assisting you in Growing Your Self-Love You are a powerful being, powerful beyond measure, yet for a variety of reasons, you may not feel it. In working with clients I have found trauma to be the root cause of many issues. The trauma I experienced as a child of an alcoholic, motivated me to search for answers, to find healing. I have devoted my life to healing, both myself and others, for more than 25 years I have stocked my "tool box" with wisdom from all over the world. Studying and teaching Quantum Mechanics/Metaphysics, Natural Healing Methods, and the wisdom of the Inca Shamans, to assist folks, just like you, to safely delve deep to access the wisdom within and help you to transform the wounds. I have helped hundreds of clients and students, to return to homeostasis to heal the body and mind naturally. Have you experienced unspeakable trauma, perhaps way back in your childhood or through a situation in your adult [...]