HAMA: SYRPER HAS CONFIRMED STUNNING REVERSALS FOR THE REMNANT RATS IN AL-MAWREK (MORK) AS OF YESTERDAY AND TODAY. WE HAVE BEEN INFORMED THAT 132 NUSRA RODENTS WITH SYRIAN CITIZENSHIP HAVE SURRENDERED TO THE SYRIAN ARAB ARMY. ADVANCES CONTINUE WITH THE HELP OF LOYAL CITIZENS DESPERATE TO BE FREE OF THE STINKING PLAGUE OF THE TAKFIRI HERESY. SYRPER PREDICTS THE LIBERATION OF AL-MAWREK OVER THE NEXT 7 DAYS AT THE MOST. en&lat=35.372570&lon=36.694336&z=14&m=b Syrian Army engineers untangle the ineptly rigged IEDs laid down by the Nusra gang of rodents on the Al-Zaarra Road. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NEWS AND REPORTS: This is a great one for the FBI. If they want to know why Arab Christians support Hizbollah, let them look at this show sent to us by our reader, Tony Lizzeri: I may have been the first person of