The Syrian Army has devastated the remaining terrorists in 'Adraa Workers' Residencies and freed the thousands of innocent civilians who had been tormented by the crazed Islamist hypocrite apostates of the Jabha Al-Islamiyya. Once again, the Saudi filth was flushed out and put to death by the avenging hands of our Holy Warriors in the Syrian Army. Incredible as it may seem, the SAA defied SyrPer's prediction and simply enveloped the sister city and proceeded to comb every building looking for cowering, disease carrying rats. They were 99% foreign, mostly from Iraq and Libya who, apparently, found a better life in a besieged town while torturing its inhabitants. No more. They are now in custody and blaming one another for the mess created. SyrPer has made it clear that no death for them is more appropriate than a Bundy Roast in one of the town's bakery ovens. Monzer sent a short message to me and says that the people were so exhausted by months of these mindless inbred cockroaches