Portland Renter Protections in Wake of SB 608 | Southwest Portland Law Group
Background to Portland's Renter Additional Protections The city of Portland estimates that more than half of renters are paying more than 30% of their monthly income towards rent. Almost half of Portland's population consists of renters. In October 2015, in response to rapidly rising rent across the city, the city of Portland introduced emergency renter protections. From October 2015 to March 2018 Portland City Council enacted several amendments to the original emergency measures, which have been codified as "Portland Renter Additional Protections," Portland City Code section 30.01.085. These protections include an expanded 90-day notice period for rental terminations and rent changes over 5%, relocation assistance for rental increases greater than 10%, and harsh penalties to landlords who violate the city's code. Relocation assistance varies depending on the size of the rental unit and ranges from $2,900 to $4,500. In addition, if a landlord violates Portland's renter additional