Super Mario Party Switch XCI + NSP
Year of release: 2018 Genre: board game, party Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Image format: NSP XCI Interface language: Russian / Multi Voice: Russian Performance tested: Yes on RajNX 6.0.0 Multiplayer: 1-4 Age Rating: 0+ Download Torrent xci Super Mario Party (SWITCH).xci.torrent Torrent NSP Super Mario Party.nsp 2.77 GB Description: The Mario Party Series comes to the Nintendo Switch and brings with it a lot of fun! Already familiar gameplay seasoned with strategic elements. For example, each character will have special cubes. Not without new ways to play. There are mini-games designed specifically for Joy-Con controllers, and new modes that can be played with family and friends. The classic board game mode is designed for four players who take turns making moves and move around the map in search of stars. You can also combine the two Nintendo Switch consoles and play, for example, in the “Playroom” dynamic mode. Try new modes and new mini-games woven into the classic board game. Have a fun party anywhere, anytime. Download Switch Emulator here