PSP Emulator on Switch + 90 Compatible Games
Year of release: 2004 Genre: Emulation Developer: Sony Publisher: m4xw Image format: NSP Game Version: 1.7.6 Interface language: Russian, English [RUS / ENG] Voice: English Performance checked: Yes (at 7.0.1 Atmosphere) Multiplayer: no Age Rating: 12+ DownloadTorrent NSPPPSSPP for Nintendo Switch + 92 games (experimental PSP core, Retroarch) [NSP] 47.26 GB Description: PlayStation Portable (JP プ: イ ス テ ー シ ョ ン ・ ポ ー ー ル ル Pureisute: Seon Po: Taburu), PSP, also known as PSP FAT; PSP Slim (Slim and Lite); PSP Slim and Lite (Bright); PSP Go; PSP Street is a portable computer game console made by Sony Computer Entertainment. This is Sony's fourth fourth product in the PlayStation lineup. The announcement of the PSP was held at E3 2003, and the first console was demonstrated to the public on May 11, 2004 at a press conference held by Sony as part of E3 2004. The console was launched successfully, with more than 200 thousand consoles sold on the first day of sales; sold over 80 million devices. The distribution contains the latest experimental version of the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) emulator based on the PPSSPP core in the interpretation mode with int support. JIT patches with GL hacks from m4xw in Retroarch under Horizon OS plus 92 compatible games with stitched covers for Nintendo Switch! List of compatible, included gamesAero Racer (Minis)Age of Zombies (Minis)Angry Birds (Minis)Ape Academy 2Ape Escape - On the LooseAssassin's Creed - BloodlinesBlade Dancer Lineage of Light [Russian]Burnout Dominator [russian]Canabalt (Minis)Corpse Party [Russian]Corpse Party Book of ShadowsCubixx (Minis)Danganronpa [Russian]Daxter [Russian]Dead Head Fred [Russian]Death jr 2_Root of Evil [Russian]Despicable Me The GameDracula Undead AwakeningDungeons and Dragons Tactics [russian]Exit 2ExitFieldrunners (Minis)FlowGhost in the Shell Stand Alone ComplexGhost Raider [Russian]Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories [russian]Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars [Russian]Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories [russian]Guilty gear judgmentGuilty Gear XX Accent Core PlusGurumin A Monstrous AdventureHalf-Minute HeroHatsune Miku Project Diva 2Impossible Game, The (Minis)Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier [Russian]Jeanne d'Arc [Russian]K-On! Houkago Live !! JapanKaroshi (Minis)LocoRoco [Russian]LocoRoco 2 [Russian]LocoRoco Midnight Carnival [Russian]Lord of The Ring Tactics [Russian]Manhunt 2 [Russian]Metal Gear Solid - Peace WalkerMortal kombat unchainedNeed for Speed ​​Carbon Own the City [Russian]Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted 5-1-0 [russian]Need for Speed ​​ProStreet [Russian]Need for Speed ​​Underground Rivals [russian]Nom Nation (Minis)Obscure the aftermathPac-Man Championship Edition (Minis)PataponPatapon 2Patapon 3Phantasy Star PortablePirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans ChestPrince Of Persia - The Forgotten Sands [Russian]Prinny - Can I Really Be the Hero [russian]Puzzle Quest Challenge of the WarlordsRatchet And Clank Size MattersRengoku II - The Stairway to HEAVENRengoku The Tower of PurgatoryRidge racerRidge racer 2PersonaPersona 2 - Innocent SinPersona 3 - PortableShinobido Tales of the NinjaSonic Rivals [Russian]SWAT Target Liberty [russian]Siphon Filter - Logan's Shadow [Russian]Siphon Filter Dark Mirror [russian]Tekken - Dark ResurrectionTekken 6Tenchu ​​- Shadow Assassins [russian]The 3rd Birthday [Russian]The Godfather Mob Wars [Russian]The Sims 2 Pets [Russian]The Sims 2 CastawayThe Sims 2 [Russian]The warriorsTMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Russian]Toy Story 3 [Russian]Twisted Metal Head-On [Russian]Who Wants to be a Millionaire [Russian]Who's That Flying (Minis)Wipeout PulseWipeout PureWTF - Work Time FunYs I & II ChroniclesZumaAdd. information: wrote (a):The release is based on homebrew Retroarch 1.7.6 from 7.4.2019 and the PPSSPP v1.8.0-101-g92db06d86 kernel from m4xw , with included covers , plus currently compatible games in Russian and English. All games are compressed in .CSO level 9 to reduce the size. The kernel for the Nintendo Switch for the native Horizon has been released recently and is still in a very deep beta , so don’t expect even the usual speed, especially in 3D - but the titles included in the distribution pass more or less well. Best of all are the early games (2004-2006) with a minimum of effects and volumetric graphics; Be sure to check that you have a CPU overclocking of at least 1581 MHz in the Main Menu> CPU Overclock (the default setting is 1785 MHz), the sound is fully supported. The menu is invoked with the L3 + R3 keys (simultaneously pressing both sticks). Keyboard Layout: A - , B - , X - , Y - . How to play:Copy the retroarch and switch folders to the microSD root with file replacement, install the RetroArch_0521E64B660B0000 NSP file in any convenient way (via goldleaf, lithium, tinfoil-usb);Start Retroarch, select the PSP playlist icon (press the left, up, right), then the desired game, A, Run, play.How to run your own games:Put your PSP games compatible with this kernel into the / retroarch / roms / ppsspp / folder , select in the Main Menu: Load Content, /, then retroarch, roms, ppsspp, your game, PPSSPP emulator core, play. In the future, you can quickly open the game through the History icon, or add it to your favorites list.If you already have RetroArch installed:If you already have RetroArch preinstalled and want to save your own settings, unzip only the folders