Writing fiction and non-fiction | Swapna Kishore
My professional work has always involved writing. After completing my studies (IIT Delhi, 1978, and IIM Ahmedabad, 1981), I opted for software engineering, so my first pieces of creation (one could almost say fiction) were in COBOL and other such languages. Over the years, as I continued to work in the area of software engineering/ process/ quality, I also wrote training material and books on areas like software engineering, project management, requirements, estimation, processes and quality models. It got a mite repetitive :-) So, around 2002, I started trying my hand at other types of writing. Years of precise writing (ponderous, too) had atrophied my ability to fantasize; it took some effort to locate my creative muscle and persuade it to come back to life. In the beginning I tried all forms of creative writing--short stories, humor and personal essays. Some have been published. I then chose my focus area as short stories in the speculative genre (SF/F), and had some successes. I