Published Writing | Swapna Kishore
My professional work has always involved writing. After completing my studies (IIT Delhi, 1978, and IIM Ahmedabad, 1981), I opted for software engineering, so my first pieces of creation (one could almost say fiction) were in COBOL and other such languages. Over the years, as I continued to work in the area of software engineering/ process/ quality, I also wrote training material and books on areas like software engineering, project management, requirements, estimation, processes and quality models. It got a mite repetitive :-). So, for some years, I tried my hand at other types of writing fiction and articles, mostly speculative fiction. Some were published. I also wrote a business novel, merging my professional work with my interest in writing fiction. In this section, I'm putting in information about my published writing (with links where relevant). Short stories, essays, humor pieces Published Books