My Morning Routine: How I Start the Day Mellowed Out - Swagger & Greys
Part of Recovering from Burnout How I start my day has changed considerably when I was forced to cope with chronic pain that left me unable to sit or walk for months. Then I suffered from burnout which left me feeling mentally, physcially and emotionally exhausted. To say it was a rough year is an understatement. Burnout threw me off my game and I needed to take back some control, in small ways and switching up my morning routine was one way I was able to do this successfully. Now getting up and starting my day off in quiet before I get my hustle on is essential to me. It’s been my lifesaver. I also read a Fast Company article If you want some general information about how successful people start their mornings, Fast Company article on how successful people start their mornings which was helpful in reinforcing the notion that how we start the day is so important for wellness. My Old Morning Routine – FAIL! What were my mornings like before? Well, I would get up at 6:00 with the alarm, usually after a restless nights sleep, groan loudly and curse, and immediately start to think about work and all I needed to get done that day. One of the big issues for me was being super hydrated and waking up with headaches and for a migraine sufferer, this only added to my crappy morning mood. Here’s a Reader’s Digest article about some of the implications for dehydration while sleeping. 1. Distraction Mode Once I was out of bed, I would get into distraction mode. I turn on the television to take in the morning news and immediately sit there, like a zombie, watching the highlights and maybe even getting a little depressed at the not so happy news stories. 2. Had to have my Social Media Fix I would eventually make turn my attention to charging my phone. Naturally, I would stop to check emails and a quick look at Instagram. 3. Handlin’ the Hygiene Then I would absentmindedly take a shower as I continued thinking, stressing, about the day ahead of me. No More Sleepwalking Through My Mornings Basically, I was kind of sleepwalking through my mornings. Sometimes I was so lost in thought I wouldn’t remember getting dressed or recall the journey into the office. Sound familiar? Drowning in the emotional and physical quagmire of burnout forced me to try some new things in hopes of taking back some control over my life and feeling like my old self again. I created an info-graphic to highlight my new mellowed out morning routine that has truly resulted in awesome benefits: 5 Awesome Health Benefits of a Morning Routine Sense of control Calm and more focused self Time-saving (more organized and less distracted) Reduced stress levels Happier, smiling me (even before coffee!) What ways do you find to get your day off to the right start?