Sick As a Dog! - Sunshine Impressions | Travel . Educate . Create
It started a couple of weeks ago. The weather started raging – rain-wise and the pressure in my head started tightening. It was as if my head were in a vice and someone was cranking down hard. Then I had trouble breathing, or rather, filling my lungs completely. I stopped working out in the hopes that more sleep and less physical stress would help me overcome. I started snapping at everyone and was generally in ill humor and I felt like the students were taking me to my whits end. Then I went home right after school one day and layed down. I didn’t get back out of bed for 3 days. My body ached, I writhed back and forth, I was a bit delirious. The next day the Admin at my school knocked on my door and said I should go to the doctor. I went, half knowing what I was doing. The taxi dropped me off at a clinic with 30 people waiting – outside, with no place to sit, no receptionist and no sign of a doctor. Then it started to rain. My body was having trouble standing there and the rain drops pushed me over the edge. I got back in the taxi and went home. Three more days passed and I was able to rally in the late afternoon for my Newspaper Club. The issue had to go out. I met my team, we folded and delivered it and successfully planned the next months’ issue before I collapsed. The next day was Halloween and although I was physically present in the classroom, I was in a complete fog. I floated through the day appropriately like a ghost. It was as if my chest had been scrapped out (from all the deep chest coughing I had been doing) and felt as if I had consumed copious amounts of caffeine as I was so shaky. By Friday I was coherent again and the sun came out, the temperatures dropped, humidity was gone and the vice had un-screwed. I have no idea what I had but as I have had Dengue Fever and Giardia before, it felt similar in pain and disorientation combined with the aches, chills, fever and cough of the flu. Yuck is all I can say. My head is still a bit foggy and I am not 100% but a solid 90%. I can work with that. So, this is all to say that I will write a proper blog soon with updates on life here in Myanmar. Here’s to health! Gretchen