MONTE GRAPPA by Sunday Echappée
With a work trip scheduled to Venice for the architecture biennale I spotted an opportunity to tag on a few days to get some riding in on the continent. A quick look at the map; Venice = Venetian Plain = flat! Ok, jump on a train and head for the mountains, one hour to Bassano del Grappa, hmmm, Monte Grappa, that rings a bell. *quick Goggle search* Monte Grappa sits on the northern edge of the Venetian Plain, where the ground veers skywards at an alarming rate, essential 0 to 1800m, just like that. The mountain is steeped in history, I won’t go into details but it has seen a lot of tragedy over the course of two world wars. Today it’s position on the cycling map has been cemented through various appearances in the Giro. Now all I needed was to do was convince a few people to join my trip to ride this mountain in the middle of October. Well that bit wasn’t hard.