Top Marriage Advice Articles of 2017 - Strong Women, Strong Love
I'm so grateful for nearly 40,000 visits to the Strong Women, Strong Love blog this year, and I hope that you found resources here to nurture and enhance your marriage. As 2017 winds down, I wanted to look back on some of the most popular marriage advice articles published this year. How Attachment Styles Affect Your Marriage This article looks at attachment styles as a framework for understanding your marriage. Your attachment style was shaped by the family you grew up in, and it continues to influence how you approach relationships. For example, if your early caregivers were loving, responsible and reliable, you're probably comfortable with emotional intimacy and trusting others. But if your caregivers were unavailable or unresponsive, you may have trouble seeking closeness with others. Knowing your attachment style and your husband's can be an important first step toward improving your marriage.