In Negative Times, Add Some Positivity to Your Marriage - Strong Women, Strong Love
Have you noticed how it easy is to spend your entire day under a cloud of negativity? There is no shortage of upsetting headlines in the news. If you dare to read the online comments of news stories, you may find the degree of negativity and rudeness mind boggling! Turn to your social media feeds and there's complaining and criticizing everywhere. Even at work, how many times a day do you and your colleagues "vent" about what's wrong? All of that negativity takes its toll and can spill over into your relationships. It's hard to turn off the habit of fault finding and looking for problems even when you're with people you care the most about. Spouses can be especially easy targets for such negativity. But for the health of your marriage, it's important to, as the old song says, accentuate the positive. Here's what can help: