Through an express window - Marcin Konkel - stories from places
What do you do when you travel by train? Do you gaze often through the window wondering what's out there or do you sit with a book and enjoy your favourite author to unwind? Perhaps you prefer the digital world although the internet connection might not be as stable as expected or, at times, nonexistent. I was doing all of the above but recently I got back to the roots. I love travelling by train. This love started with my first train ride and was all about everything that was outside the window. It was like I sat in a cinema and someone played a movie. The images in the window kept changing an did not ever repeat. In the images I saw people, perspectives, buildings and, at times, a range of emotions. These were scenes with lovers, friends, families. They presented themselves only for few seconds and kept being shorter and shorter with the years to come due to trains being faster and people (including myself) in more of a hurry. Recently, I could relieve these memories and emotions with the project I started and called "Through an express window". It was initiated with a train journey from Lviv to Kyiv while visiting Ukraine. The goal was to show the viewer fleeting moments from looking through the window. I wanted to share with you some of the discoveries I made till date (the project is an ongoing one). For the time being, I have undergone two train journeys during which I photographed the outside world solely for this project. I am also adding three photographs from my Tran-Siberian train journey as I did some shots in similar matter back in 2014 yet not having the same reflections as in Ukraine at the time. All aboard!