Puro Fairtrade Caffitaly Coffee Capsules
Puro Fairtrade Caffitaly Coffee Capsules 96 pieces per carton. Available in ESPRESSO or CAFFE CREME Type: Fairtrade, Shade GrownVariation: Also available in DecafOrigins: Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, UgandaFinest Arabica content: 80%Premium Robusta content: 20%Description: The complex character of this blend comes from the mild and smooth yet floral Guatemalan high grown Arabicas skillfully blended with the Peruvian Arabicas for a perfect balance of flavour. Through the addition of the premium Robusta, a hint of dark chocolate is injected into the cup thus ensuring this blend works well in all situations. Peruvian Producer: CEPROAPLocated in the region of Pichanaki, the coffee here is grown at 1650m