The Money Resolution: Part 3 – Experimental Treatment and Clinical Research
George Freeman: I want to stress that this Bill, which has a very different structure from the original Bill introduced by Lord Saatchi, has nothing to do with research at all. A great many confident claims were made about Chris Heaton-Harris' Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill (AMTIB) at its Money Resolution debate on 3rd November, both by Heaton-Harris himself and by George Freeman, speaking on behalf of a Government that has done much to support the Bill. The AMTIB is the latest incarnation of Lord Saatchi's much-criticised "Medical Anecdote Bill." The first two parts of this short series of articles looked at their claims that the new version of the Bill is "massively" different from the old one, and at claims the Bill does not alter the law of negligence. In both cases, we saw that these claims were untrue. This third part now looks at experimental treatment and finds that their claims that clinical research won't be affected by the Bill are also untrue. At the same