The Money Resolution: Part 1 – Massively the same
The Money Resolution for Chris Heaton-Harris's version of Lord Saatchi's Medical Innovation Bill, the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill (AMTIB) took place on 03 November 2015. The debate can be watched here: The Hansard record of the debate can be read here, continued here. The Resolution was passed by 281 votes to 227, giving a total of 508 MPs voting, although little more than a dozen MPs actually attended the debate. This was a massive turnout to vote, particularly when compared to the 51 MPs who voted at Second Reading. Just before the debate, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP voiced her concerns on Twitter: That might explain the high turnout. Debate But what was said in the debate? This post is the first of several looking at key issues of the debate and will look at the claims by both George Freeman, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Life Sciences and Chris Heaton-Harris about the relationship between this Bill and Saatchi's Medical Innovation Bill (emphasis added).