Saatchi Bill – The Writing's on the Wall
Re-blogged with permission from Saatchi Bill - The Writing's on the Wall by Nigel Poole QC I very much hope that this will be my last post on the Saatchi Bill — perhaps you do also! Promises made in parliament appear to herald an end to the Bill. The state of play is as follows: Lord Saatchi re-introduced his Medical Innovation Bill following the general election. It remains in the House of Lords. He has proposed that it should be "fast-tracked" to the House of Commons. Subsequently, Chris Heaton-Harris, Conservative back-bencher, introduced his Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill into the House of Commons where it has now passed the Committee stage and is due to be debated at the Report stage on 29 January. The Saatchi Bill website announced that Lord Saatchi had "handed over" the Medical Innovation Bill to Mr Heaton-Harris. Lord Saatchi has not taken any steps to progress his Bill whilst the AMTIB proceeds through the Commons. The AMTIB is in two parts. The first provides