Pass the Parcel
Has the Saatchi Bill finally been tamed? Only time (and Lord Saatchi himself) can tell. The Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill has passed through the House of Commons and had its First Reading in the House of Lords. A Bill that first appeared more than two years ago as the Medical Innovation Bill (also known as the Saatchi Bill) is back where it began, being steered through the Lords with Lord Saatchi at the tiller. But this is now a very different Bill to the one Lord Saatchi originally launched with such fanfare back in 2013 (with versions going back even further than that). Back then, his perception was that doctors were prevented by the law of negligence from making use of innovative treatments. Allow a doctor to circumvent the law, as his Bill provided them with the means to do, and a cure for cancer would logically follow, it was claimed. Unfortunately, this logic was deeply flawed, and the Bill's basic premise was therefore completely false. Neither the law, nor fear