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The following articles and blog posts have been written about the Saatchi Bill. Many discuss the lack of evidence that the Bill is required and others warn of the possible harm it will cause to patients and research. If you think we have missed any, please let us know. {tabulizer:include style[rs_lvfa6t1s.css] id[tab_8c2FidRGjl]} Date Author Publication Title 09/07/2013 Nigel Poole QC Learned Friend Blog Medical Innovation and the Law of Negligence 16/10/2013 Eric Watts Health Service Journal Lord Saatchi is wrong, the law isn't killing patients 25/02/2014 Nigel Poole QC Learned Friend Blog The Saatchi Bill - Why? 27/03/2014 Suzanne White The Leigh Day Blog The path to negligence is paved with good intentions 19/04/2014 Dr Margaret McCartney Dr Margaret McCartney's Blog Saatchi Bill – not useful and potentially dangerous 20/04/2014 David Hills The Wandering Teacake Blog The Saatchi Bill – Stifling Innovation and Harming Patients 23/04/2014 Nigel Poole QC Learned Friend