Follow the money
The Money Resolution for Chris Heaton-Harris's version of Lord Saatchi's Medical Innovation Bill will be heard and voted on in the Commons this coming Tuesday. We need a minute of your time again. Today. Now. The Money Resolution is an essential step in the progress of any Bill that includes a proposal for new or increased public expenditure. The Bill cannot be considered in Committee Stage unless this resolution is passed. Heaton-Harris's Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill (AMTIB) certainly includes a proposal for new or increased public expenditure and the Money Resolution is Tuesday 03 November 2015. The Bill doesn't actually set up a database of 'innovative' treatments itself, of course; it simply permits the Secretary of State to do it if he wants to, but the costs still have to be considered, as will the costs of the attempts by the Bill to provide 'legal certainty' (as the Bill's supporters would like us to believe) to doctors who treat their patients innovatively.