FAQ - Dispelling Myths
The Saatchi Bill is being promoted by making claims that are not supported by the text of the Bill or by medical, scientific and legal reality. 1. Doctors do not innovate or depart from standard treatments as they fear litigation or disciplinary proceedings. During the Government consulation into the Bill, medical professional bodies and charities were consistent in saying that they could find no evidence that this was true. Cancer Research Uk said "We have been unable to find evidence that fear of medical litigation is currently a barrier to innovation in cancer." and "We have been unable to find evidence that cases have been brought, or led to compensation, based on a competent doctor attempting to use an innovative treatment with the consent of a patient." The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges said, "We have not seen any evidence that suggests litigation or the possibility of litigation is deterring clinicians from innovative practice and, anecdotally, that is not the experience of