End of the Road?
Has the Saatchi Bill, which has haunted medical groups and patient safety advocates for more than two years, finally run out of steam? As you will surely recall, the Medical Innovation Bill (the "Saatchi Bill"), promoted by Lord Saatchi in the last Parliament, aimed to "promote innovation" in medicine by removing patient protections against negligent treatment. Almost universally opposed by medical, medico-legal and patient protection organisations as dangerous, misguided and irrelevant, the Bill ran out of debating time before the election, and has been resurrected in this Parliament as two bills. The first of these is the original Saatchi Bill with exactly the samewording as before, which Lord Saatchi has reintroduced in the House of Lords, and is currently on hold awaiting a resolution to pass it through the Lords in a single day, without proper debate. The second form of the Bill is the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill, sponsored by Chris Heaton-Harris MP, which is