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Bio-Tech Company Agenus aiming to raise $100 million using an STO In a novel approach for the biotechnology industry, small-cap company Agenus Inc. is aiming to raise $50 million to $100 million by issuing digital securities backed by future sales of an experimental cancer drug. The digital securities will allow investors to bet on future sales of single products and will have a limited impact on shareholders' equity, the company said. Bloomberg Blockport Plans for Expansion – Announces Security Token Offering Just today, blockchain based crypto exchange, Blockport, has announced their intention to host an upcoming security token offering. This offering is expected to take place beginning in March, and to be held on the Tokeny platform. The team's goal is to raise a minimum of $30 million EUR. This endeavour will take place in multiple stages, with the first stage expected to bring in the first $5 of a desired $30 million EUR. Kik Challenge the SEC's