Director of Marketing at SelfKey Chris Grundy Interview for STOAnalytics | STOAnalytics
What does your company do? What is its place in the Security Token Offerings ecosystem? SelfKey is a blockchain-powered identity management solution that provides a more secure and convenient way of verifying your identity online. Since 2017, we've been building an end-to-end ecosystem comprising the Identity Wallet, the Marketplace and Login with SelfKey (LWS) designed precisely for this reason. The Identity Wallet is a desktop application; and allows you to manage your ERC20 tokens as well as create your SelfKey ID. It's the home of the Marketplace and is your entry point to the SelfKey ecosystem. Next there is the SelfKey ID, which is a collection of data points that can ultimately be used to access Security Token Offerings much faster and more securely. To illustrate this point, think back to all the times you registered with an STO, ICO or cryptocurrency exchange. Each time, you have to enter your personal details manually, confirm the email address and upload the required