Top-8 Security Tokens News – Weekly Digest (25 Feb – 3 Mar) | STOAnalytics
Polymath Tests Show Security Tokens Can Be Compliant on a DEX Security token platform Polymath has teamed up with Loopring to trial peer-to-peer trading of security tokens on a decentralized exchange. Revealing the news exclusively to CoinDesk on Wednesday, Polymath said that the "successful" tests – which used smart contracts on Loopring's DEX protocol – demonstrated that only authorized trades of ST-20 security tokens were able to execute, while unauthorized trades could not. Source Security Token Startup Templum Shifts to Private Blockchains Announced Monday, enterprise software vendor Symbiont is building a private blockchain and smart contracts system that Templum will use for future security token offerings (STOs) by its clients. Previously, the regulated broker-dealer left the choice of blockchain protocol up to the issuers, but this posed problems, Templum CEO Christopher Pallotta told CoinDesk. Source Many were choosing ERC-20 tokens that run on top of ethereum, said