The Visitor's Wedding (MMF and FFM polyamory romance) - Stillpoint/Eros
It's always the quiet ones Danielle and Robby's love-life is anything but conventional — and they're looking for someone to join them Danielle may not be in a threeway marriage like her brother Andy or their sister Jessie. But Danielle and her husband Robby's marriage has never been as conventional as it may have looked. And now, on the night of Jessie's wedding, Danielle and Robby have a chance to live out their oldest fantasy. For as long as they've been together, Robby has wanted to watch his wife with another man. And she has longed to give him that. The wild conclusion to The Visitor's Wedding, a series of sequels to The Visitor Has Company, this short story can be read on its own or as part of The Visitor Saga.