The Visitor Comes Again (Visitor #3 - a friendly MMF ménage tale) - Stillpoint/Eros
★★★★★! The Visitor series of stories... blow the lid off of a 5 rating! -- The Romance Reviews A story about love, desire and getting what you wish for Lea is flying East again to a snow-bound Atlanta, and she's worried: she's moving in with two attractive firemen who plan to share their apartment, her bed, and her... Is there such a thing as too perfect? Is it time for Lea to be careful what she wishes for? It doesn't help that Sean and Andy are working, and she's going to have to make her way back to her new home on her own. A ménage a Lea. But a surprise shows Lea that too perfect is just about right! (Threesome romance, ménage à trois, group sex. Adult readers only!) The third installment in The Visitor Saga: The Visitor*† The Visitor Comes Home*† The Visitor Comes Again*† The Visitor Goes to Work*† The Visitor Entertains*† The Visitor Takes a Trip† The Visitor Has Company† The Visitor's Wedding: Goddess† Handmaiden Priestess * Included in the collections The Visitor Arrives and The Visitor & Other Threesome Tales † Included in the collection The Visitor Comes for Good Order from Stillpoint/Eros: