This is FPV Drone Racing! - California Drone Speed Challenge 2018 - StateOfTech
Yesterday I attended the California Drone Speed Challenge 2018 presented by Comcast/Xfinity. What a cool experience. FPV Drone Racing is growing in popularity with the boom in camera drone sales. I have been intrigued with Drone Racing for a while now as I have a lot of experience in the world of RC Car building and racing. I wanted to share what’s going on in the world of FPV Drones with all of you. Check it out! Heart of America Facebook Page: Heart of America YouTube Channel: Aerial Sports League: Follow Heart of America at live races: Interested in FPV Drone Racing? Check out the links above. Here is a nice article on how to get started with FPV Drones: If you want more FPV Drone content, let me know.