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The Star Calendar was written for many years by Norman Davidson, a teacher at Michael Hall in England and Director of Teacher Training for the Waldorf Institute/Sunbridge College in Spring Valley N.Y. It was originally produced to assist other teachers in becoming familiar with the night sky as it appears to the unaided eye – with the phenomena which may at first puzzle the over-educated observer. He, as a teacher, was struck by the sudden change in orientation of the crescent moon one spring, from standing upright in the morning, to lying flat on its back in the evening a few days later (this latter position he coined, poetically, as a Grail Moon). He resolved to understand this through his own effort, and did so. He then distributed Astronomy Notes to those who valued them, and wrote two books on the subject; Astronomy and the Imagination and Sky Phenomena. He felt that the phenomena must first be experienced directly, naively, for what they are before intellectual concepts