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Using Steemit as our #1 Publishing platform for Stakepool magazine Stakepool will be publishing new articles on 10 minutes before we publish on our own wordpress blog here at so if you want to continue being first reader of our newest material, head over to steemit and open an account right now. Steemit is a revolution in all things media As original content-providers, it is important for us to be visible in social media. And Steemit definitely bring something brand new and exciting to the Internet. On Steemit we will pay our users for commenting on our articles One of the greatest features of Steemit allows us to give our readers money simply for commenting on our articles. So as you can see, we have completely removed the comment-section from so that you instead can use the comment-section on Steemit and get paid for commenting. The better your comment is, the more money it will generate. You also get paid for upvoting our articles Steemit has a great feature that looks like the like-button from facebook or the upvote button from reddit. But instead of giving us likes and reddit-karma, you are telling the steemit-system that our article is worth reading, so when you upvote our articles on steemit - we get a reward, and you get a reward. How is steemit possible? All this is possible thanks to years of innovating fintech-systems and ultra-advanced graphine systems that is like an extremely complicated engine that is completely unique in its build up. However, that is for geeks - the front-end that we are using is extremely easy to use, it looks good and we are sure you are going to love it as well! In fact, Steemit is so strong that we believe reddit, twitter and facebook-users will desert the old social medias and only focus on steemit in the future. Currently Steemit has 42,000 users and is growing rapidly every day.