gaming pc for $1500 that can max out anything
Gaming pc for $1500 that can max out anything at 4K This gaming pc is the first high end gaming machine that will let you play any game maxed out at 4K. Maxing out 4K with an i5 processor or a gtx 970, 980 is a little bit difficult, so you require more power. This pc has the power do run almost any game as well as rendering applications that require high processing power. As we now have latest Intel's 6th generation processors, I won't be using the 4th generation processor in this build. This build should be future proof and most powerful of all the previous generation builds. With a single most powerful gpu in the market, and with the best gaming processor right now, it will own any gaming pc below $1500. I name it "THE OVERWHELMING" Without wasting more time let's go to components list! One more thing, if you don't know how to assemble a pc or want a complete guide on building a pc from scratch, you can grab my 115 pages guide from HERE. Processor Intel Core i7 6700K Price=$409.00