Don't Forget RoboCopy | John Morehouse
On occasion you have to find means to get around an issue. Recently at a client I discovered that an unknown SQL Server that wasn't being properly cared for. This particular instance wasn't taking backups and it was deemed as a critical production server. You can begin to see the problems that were arising. However, there is a twist to the story. Due to changes in active directory, I couldn't get the appropriate permissions configured for the SQL Server service to allow it to backup to the network destination. I also could not take an outage anytime soon to change the service account to something better suited. It's a long and convoluted story for another post. The immediate need was to 1) get backups of all of the databases locally and 2) find a way to move them off of the local server. I also needed to do this on a schedule so that I could meet the RPO/RTO guidelines the client had set forth. My solution? RoboCopy. Robocopy has been around for years within the Microsoft eco