Restoring a Database from Azure | John Morehouse
In a previous post, I described how you can use Azure storage to store SQL Server database backup files. This flexible option offers the ability to get your critical backups off site and in certain regions, they could be configured to be automatically redundant to a secondary region. Having backups of your backups is a backup plan that I would support. Regardless of how many copies of the backups you have, you still need to be able to restore them. Restoring them routinely helps to validate that the backups are good and safe as well as ensure you have the process in place in the event you need to restore. So how do you restore from Azure storage? You do so from an URL. Let's take a look! When you backup a database to Azure, there are two types of blobs that can be utilized, namely page and block blobs. Due to price and flexibly, it is recommended to use block blobs. However, depending on which type you used to perform the backup will dictate how the restores are performed.