New Page Functions in SQL Server 2019 | John Morehouse
I will be the first to admit that I am what one might call a "SQL Head". In other words, I'm a nerd that likes to dig into the internal workings of SQL Server, sometimes down to the bits and bytes. The tools to facilitate this archaeology have slowly been evolving and with the release of SQL Server 2019 later this year (2nd half of 2019), this continues to hold true. Two new tools, a dynamic management function (DMF) and the other a function, will be making an appearance, namely sys.dm_db_page_info and sys.fn_pagerescracker respectively. Note: For this post I am using Azure Data Studio to get more familiar with the product. sys.dm_db_page_info This new function will return the page header information of a specified page in a single row. This information will contain vital information such as object_id, index_id, and partition_id, along with many others. In the past, the only real tool available to retrieve this information was to utilize DBCC PAGE. With the use of trace flag