Microsoft Update Catalog | John Morehouse
In today's world of database administrations, there are a plethora of tools and resources that can be available to utilize to help solve problems, such as performance tuning, configuration, and many others. Some are third party tools, some are free, and some are provided by the vendor themselves. Regardless of which tool or resource you use, discovering new ones that help you is like finding buried treasure. One that I use quite often is this site: . If you are like myself and can't quite remember the exact version levels of Microsoft SQL Server as well as what service packs or cumulative updates are available, this site is very handy. You can quickly correlate a version level to which major edition as well service pack levels. You might notice that SQL Server 2017 does not have any available service packs. Starting with SQL Server 2017 and forward, Microsoft stop releasing service packs in favor of doing cumulative updates. Along with that,