Finding Cluster Log Errors | John Morehouse
Sometimes you know that a problem occurred, but the tools are not giving you the right information. If you ever look at the Cluster Failover Manager for a Windows Cluster, sometimes that can happen. The user interface won't show you any errors, but you KNOW there was an issue. This is when knowing how to use other tools to extract information from the cluster log becomes useful. You can choose to use either Powershell or a command at the command prompt. I tend to lean towards Powershell. I find it easier to utilize and gives me the most flexibility. The Powershell cmdlet get-clusterlog is a quick and handy way to get information from the Windows Cluster. This cmdlet will create a text log file for all nodes or a specific node (if specified) within a failover cluster. You can even use the cmdlet to specify a certain time space, like the last 15 minutes which can be really handy if you know that the issue occurred within that time frame. This is great and all, however, it can give