Azure Portal Enhancements – Switching Accounts | John Morehouse
More and more I am impressed on the Azure Portal. Microsoft continues to make enhancements to the user interface (UI) and add in new features. One of these new features that I've recently become aware of is the ability to easily switch accounts. As a consultant, I work with clients that have a presence in Azure. They can grant me access to their cloud assets in two ways: They can add one of my email accounts to their subscriptions. They can grant me an email account within their domain and then add that email to their subscriptions. Most of my clients select the second option. This means that I could have multiple email accounts that I have to use in order to sign into the portal. Using a password manager such as 1Password, not usually a big deal and more of an annoyance rather than a headache. Within the past month or so, Microsoft has updated the portal to allow me to easily switch accounts. Previously you had to log out of the portal and then log back in. While I haven't