Azure – Creating a storage account | John Morehouse
Azure offers a lot of features that enable IT professionals to really enhance their environment. One feature that I really like about Azure is storage accounts. Since disk is relatively cheap, this continues to hold true in the cloud. For less than $100 per month, you could get up to 5TB of storage including redundancy to another Azure region. Once you have created Azure account, you will need to go to the Storage Accounts blade from the left-hand Resource menu in the Portal. If you don't see Storage Accounts listed in the favorites already, click on All Services at the top and filter for "storage accounts". Do not select the classic storage account. You want the new and improved storage account. Click on Storage Accounts. Click Add On the following screen, the subscription should auto-populate however, if you have multiple subscriptions you can change it to reflect that one that you want. The resource group is a container for all assets within Azure. I tended to think of this